Eminem “Til’ I Collapse”

Yes, it’s a little bit older of a song and the video isn’t the real video, but overall a great song that should get your blood pumping. Listen to the intro…

“Sometimes you just feel tired. You feel weak. And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up. But you gotta search within you. You gotta find that inner strength, and just pull that s*** out of you. And get that motivation to not give up and not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face.”


Forever Pictures

What is your motivation in life to stay in shape? Are their monumental moments in life we use to help us get there?

My most recent motivation for getting back into shape is now I have to take forever pictures in 1 week. Sometimes we need huge events in our life to allow us to take back control of our goals.

My Goal: Take Great Forever Pictures

Forever Pictures (def): A time in your life when you have to take pictures either individually or as a group, and these pictures can never be lost, removed from sight, etc. Some examples are: wedding pictures, high school graduation, or even a National Championship.

My sister is GETTING MARRIED next weekend and I have to take forever pictures. I have to look and be happy with the way I look FOREVER. These pictures will be shown to her kids, my maybe potential future kids, my cousins, her friends’ families – the world basically.

I want my six-pack back, thin toned legs, and ripped arms. Okay so I naturally have ripped arms, I maybe have a 2-4 pack (depends on time of day), and the thin legs part – well I play soccer so thin doesn’t come to mind. Maybe throw a little tan in there for better light exposure? I will post the final pictures in about 2 weeks ( no photoshop) and let you know how it worked out.

Cycling Class

Entering the time to kick our bootays back into shape!

I wonder how many athletes have ever actually taken a cycling class at 24 hour fitness. Most athletes prefer I think to play actual sports, but is there a benefit to cross-training? I think the answer is YES. I have a million excuses for not sitting on a bike this past year, but this morning was my first ride and nothing like starting out your week right.

A few words come to mind: early, exhausted, leg pain, dehydrated, sweat, motivation, empowered, and bootilicious.

Getting to the gym in the a.m. is a daunting task in itself, especially when your partner does not show up. All I know is I was motivated to last that 45 minutes (thats how long the website said it would be) and I am pretty sure I stared at the clock about 65% of the time. The other percent of the time I was dripping sweat.

If you have or have not ever been, well let me tell you it is awesome and I insist that you try it. The instructor tells you when to speed up and how to adjust the intensity on the bike in which you turn a nob. I can guarantee you that I left the nob all the way to the left (the least intense) and my legs were burning in amazing pain.

FYI: As an athlete you know amazing pain is GOOD pain.

I felt amazing, my body looked great, and I was so proud of myself that I actually completed the class which I comptemplated a few times. I survived the class, my first ride in over a year.  I lived to write about it, and I hope you do to.

You have to push your body to new extremes, and trust me, when you complete your goal (finishing the class), you will light up with excitment and leave feeling accomplished!

Quote of the Week!

Do whatever it takes.

You can’t fail if you don’t give up.


Simple and wise words that hopefully can carry you all to extraordinary places this week!

Pass or Fail – Cooper Test

Anyone have to pass a fitness test like the Cooper Test in their sports career and just couldn’t make it?

Well I sure did and I can’t believe I made it out alive. I was just never one of those people who could run long distance. For me, about a mile and a half was intense! Before my senior year, I never passed this particular test. As my senior year at Metro State was approaching, I became overwhelmed with the idea of not passing this stupid test.

That whole summer I ran almost every day, and I told myself that if I completed 2 miles (either run or walk) my body would get used to running for 12 minutes at a sprinting pace. I had a 2 mile area I mapped out around our neighborhood and went running about 3-4 days a week. I went to 24hourfitness about 2-3 days a week and ran before or after each Group X class I could take. I went swimming to help with my lung capacity since I was living in altitude and couldn’t breathe. I sacrificed going home to beautiful Southern California to train. Everything that anyone had ever suggested to try, I DID! I was not going to let this test get the best of me.

The night before the test…I had a minor panic attack. I was begging others to hide a little scooter behind the tennis courts so I could cheat 200 yards to make up time. We, my soccer peoples,  joked around, but I was serious!

The morning of the test, I checked my ipod (very crucial at the time) to make sure I had ALL the right songs I wanted to hear. Thought I was going to throw up, but I kept it down. Then the clock started. Oh my pace was just beautiful.

This year seemed a lot better than in previous years, but I knew I had to stay ahead near the front of our pack. I could tell everyone was SHOCKED about how well I was doing, and I know my coach might not have had much faith. Sprints were just my thing. I neared my last lap and was only 100 yds to the finish line. Our coach used to love to count down the time as we neared our goal because you either made it, or you didn’t.

He looked up as I crossed the line and was in shock….I PASSED! and he looked back and said, “good job.”

This is the story of my struggle and my hustle!

DJ Khaled “All I Do Is Win”

ft. Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain, & Snoop Dogg)

5:30am Wake Up Call

The songs of Rihanna are what I prefer to wake up to, but it is really not my choice most days. Today is Day 1 of my “Power Crunch Time” of getting back into shape! I love how I feel after I work out, but getting up and actually going IS the hardest part. I am motivated to succeed. I have my National Championship and I NEED to continue to have these same high points in my life. Are past National Champions harder to please in life? This might be true because we have such a high expectation of success.

I don’t have a coach anymore, I don’t have anyone telling me what I should eat everyday to stay healthy, I don’t have anyone holding me accountable, EXCEPT for me! Yikes! But I brought along my partner Andre Burton because if you have someone meeting you at the gym, YOU KNOW you HAVE to show up.

Again, this might be me, but I love working out next to someone who is just as fast as me or faster or looks a little bit more in shape, or for me, a guy. I LOVE putting my speed (on the treadmill) faster than theirs or doing more reps and making it seem effortless.

Looking at their time and thinking to myself, “Oh, I got this.”